What is important, You, Me, Us, Be-ing…

I came across this video and wanted to share it with you, as the words of those amazing wise women echo in my heart and reflect many people’s wants and aspirations, to BE…yet with the demands of society, peer pressure, economic stress, environmental influences and much more of what makes us “be-come” who we are, today and not BE who we are.

And then in a blink of an eye, when tomorrow comes, we regret…that we were just doing and not being…and when that time comes, it will be too late for us to even feel guilty, it will just be too late.

I am in love with this campaign that highlights the importance of women, not only fighting for their rights, but being women who can enjoy their, life, time, family, friends, and most importantly learn to enjoy the simple joys of life, that are their pure emotions and feelings that get detached from them, when they just have to do, and do and do. This campaign, is a UK based campaign, Relax, Breathe & #LetGo – Find Your Sanctuary” but I am happy I came across it, as I believe this topic is universal.

My question, although, I am in love with the wisdom, creativity, connection and content of this campaign, is :

Can we? Can we ever challenge those demands and live at ease, in peace, with everything flowing in place, without the struggle? 

video source: YouTube “Sanctuary”

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  1. writeintent1 says:

    Very nice …thanks for sharing.
    Yes , being present fully in Each moment and being aware leads to bliss.

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    1. Thanks for your comment on this post…’being’is not easy sometimes when we are surrounded by daily challenges..it’s a good reminder though of the importance to be aware of our presence

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