A friend told me once: “wake up with a smile

Face your day and challenges with a smile and set yourself free

Cheer your loved ones up with a smile and make them happy

Get distinguished with a smile and attract all that is great and meant to be

Troubled by your circumstances beat them with a smile

Honour your presence with a smile and let your light shine

smileDefeat negativity with a smile”

Views and Reviews...Red Roses Carpet..You are welcome
My friend was wise to give me such advice and I was wiser to try it out 🙂

She was right all along for it is with a smile that we can communicate and conquer our fears, challenges, defeats…so let’s wear that smile and own it no matter what…



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    1. Thank you so much for sharing my post! X

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      1. moorezart says:

        you’re welcome!

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