Starting Over

Well…I have to admit,,, I have been staring at my screen for the past 20 minutes, trying to figure out what to write and where to start. Is it the writer’s block, is it me wondering where my writing will get me? Or is it just a phase I was blessed with when I was driven by words, by writing by creativity…and now it’s gone?

After 4 hours away from my screen…I am back again…lets see what the writer in me will want to share today.

Life is a whirlwind indeed, we all have questions, we all have our times when we feel so unsettled, so distracted, and so disappointed. Sometimes much to our dismay, just as things seem to start working, sudden jerks pull us back and we feel, well how would we feel other than beyond disappointed and sucked in to a debatable circumstance.

I know some of my readers will identify with this, and some will not, and I do not wish to be melodramatic in sharing my views and reviews in this post, it is just a call of reality.

With reality being multi dimensional and relatively occurring. Here’s to an encounter I had recently where reality was not so friendly, incompatible and unethical.

Reality is when we find our selves stuck in a meeting with someone who is not as experienced as we are, who is very conventional, not acquainted with the level of expertise or qualification we have, and yet this person is expected to discuss and review our competencies. This person is basically a dinosaur, who unfortunately is given the task to look at the future and identify potential. Ironical isn’t it?

With which lens or attitude this person will foresee, examine, identify, review, judge or conclude a potential if they are stuck in a box layered by their inexperience, management myopia and their subjectivity?

Well that was a reality I had come across, and as a result had to experience a rejection based on the criteria above, I got disqualified without even going to the next level where I was hoping the next person will be more of a smart robot and rather than a dinosaur and we can communicate at the same level if not at an advanced level.

In this day and age, I had expected more of the forward thinkers, non conventional risk takers, strategic planners who breath and adopt change and who know that we are not stuck in the past and that learning is a key in any domain, in any field in any post. What we know today, may be redundant tomorrow or might be delivered differently.

The dinosaur taught me one thing, that nothing is set in stone and moving forward requires futuristic thinking and not stone age mentality. Unfortunately they reflected their company culture which should be chauffeured by service oriented, youthful brand guardians unlike that dinosaur I met.

Today, I start over in the hope that my next encounter will be aliens vs dinosaurs. Where the aliens I believe will be more up to date and yet so, I forgot to mention, will be willing to give a chance to working moms inflamed by potential, passion and pride to be successful again.

Views and Reviews not all things are created equal. Complementing competencies is key to achieving success.

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