Time Heals…

They say time heals,
I say time changes everything.

Let's walk the world
Let’s Walk the World, and Leave a Mark

Time doesn’t heal, time makes us forget who we were once. Time is but a function of life, time is a double edged sword, that can heal and destroy. Ironically, for some, time is something good and for others time is something well, not so good.

For me, time is a shadow, it is a friend and a foe. With time, I got hurt and learnt to heal on my own. This thing called time is a disruptor of my hope. I tried to make friends with, time, but instead it turned me down.

Time oh time, how I wish I never knew you. I was hoping we can live in harmony and you can be true to me, but you don’t seem to want to.

Time oh time, how I hope I can turn you back and see you with a different set of eyes.





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