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While many claim to provide career placement solutions, boasting a team of acclaimed professionals, there are still many mom job seekers who due to circumstances, family, motherhood or that redundancy wave which took their livelihood and made them miss their passion, achievement and capacity, are still looking for an opportunity, a lucky day, a forward thinking company, a unique recruitment agent, who will give her a chance to shine again. Often these mom job seekers are faced with rejections and a tag which is becoming a go to 2 word label, ” job gap” or “employment gap”.

There is nothing called gap. Gap is a time based excuse, created by lack of understanding or acceptance, resulting in subjective rejections consequently labelling these mom job seekers and shutting down the horizon of opportunities for them.

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Instead of a rejection, they are seeking an empathy, a support, an empowerment, a chance that can allow them get back to the job market to prove themselves and their worth. Being a mom doesn’t undermine, instead it adds value.

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These job seeker moms, were faced with an unforeseen situation, and they handled it very bravely, so now it is time to give them a chance. Dear acclaimed professionals we ask you to look at the full picture and see; talent, willingness, passion, experience and most importantly drive, otherwise these women wouldn’t have sent their CVs, or made it to the interview or even tried to persistently get attention to meet you and the decision makers. Take the time to meet them, accept them and explore the mutual potential.

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Unfortunately the interviewer in many cases, overlooks those important details and dwells into the past, the paper and forgets the fundamental part called future or individual, a person with talent, smarts, sitting in front of him/her who is the representation of the fine print and not the print. People evolve every day, and a CV doesn’t define. Sadly, interviewers, are like gatekeepers who can halt an opportunity, break dreams of potential candidates and dim the future of rising stars.

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This lost potential is a loss to the industry and to the corporate world. These women need a chance. It is time to look beyond the print and give those mom job seekers a chance, they are after all, raising a generation of successful people. So, why not contribute to this chain of success and help them continue building their dreams and contributing to society and the corporate world .

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Some will argue, instead of working to make someone else’s dream come true one can make their own dreams come true by working for their own. But this is another argument altogether.

This post was inspired after reading articles posted by Brigette Hyacinth  author of : “The Future of Leadership: Rise of Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence” she is also an avid supporter of job seekers, fairness at work, equal opportunities and believer in talent.

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