Are we light years ahead or light years away…?

Are we light years ahead or light years away?

When decision-making is inclined by labelling and comfort of zero risk and “dilemma attributes” society is questionable. How? By the level of backward or forward thinking..I personally prefer the latter.

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 9.01.58 PM
“She is the real Me” photo borrowed from Psychology Magazine

Today I came across an article “fake it till you make it” which stirred a lot of emotions and ideas at the same time bitterness since not everyone is lucky enough to meet a support like the author. How far or how little some people can go because of lack of empowerment or support to see them rise or equally fall? When the author thought she was her own obstacle her mentor who convinced her to use this tactic which by practice in fact helped her hidden talent surface, fear dissolve, boosted her knowledge, heightened her abilities and skills…that is what I call an inspiring story, of an unmatched opportunity yet perfect candidate fit!

photo of a woman holding an ipad
Photo by bruce mars on

Consider this an ode to those mentors and a tribute to mine.

Inspired by the article ” Fake it till you make it”  by Jacky Holder in Psychology Magazine.

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