Being Replaced…by AI

This topic has been hitting some cords lately and as the new digital proliferation is slowly but surely taking over, humans are quickly embracing this change, and while doing so they are also slowly, but definitely getting rid of Human Intelligence; which was the word 10 or so years ago. Fast Forward 10 years, Human Intelligence, Human Resources, Emotional Intelligence will become relatively redundant, while being replaced with chatbots, algorithms, AI…ChatGPT and whatever other technologies that will come along.

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Mind you, I do not have anything against technology, in fact I welcome it very clearly in my daily usage of apps, social media, Martech, but becoming redundant because of it, is no fun and cannot be rejoiced when through a switch of a button, through engineered data, prompt engineering, content can be derived, writers can be created, marketing collaterals, consultants be created, and material engineered. So my question is how will the extrapolated information be unique, how will the content be specific, how will goals be set? Aren’t companies differentiated by many fundamental elements, aren’t humans unique in their design, from the basic finger print to the way we behave, interact and decode information?

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I like the idea of supporting one’s work through accessing a pool of data, of references, and of learnings. But what really haunts me today, is that this data is becoming us, instead of supporting us, it is becoming the writer, the poet, the research piece, the scientist, the journalist, the columnist, the book, the story, the song, the formula and soon the only tool.

While some think this is a great achievement and will be using it as the primary source, I think this doesn’t pay tribute to the historical icons from all walks of life and industries and here I would like to mention some, knowing that the list is endless, and you as a reader may have many more gurus, you love, identify with, or idolise. For me, the likes of William Blake, Shakespeare, Philip Kotler, Agatha Christie, Neale Donald Walsch, and the list is eternal to be honest.

Technology has built its intelligence around the pool of data collated from authors, writers, scientists, mathematicians, socialists, consumer and behavioral data and much more, this is amazing for us to use, and to enrich our work with. I highlight, “To enrich our work with” but not to define our creativity or to replace it. Humans are meant to be creators, we are super creatures, this is how we survive and grow. Creating is endless. As the saying goes, “need is the mother of invention”, and hence AI and ChatGPT and what will come along as I aforementioned. But any new technology will not replace, the understanding of consumer psychology, define human creativity, generate disciplines that talk to the different dimensions of the human brain and psyche and create a tone of voice, article, design, communication that is unique and unprecedented.

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Humans need to interact with humans to develop, enrich and learn from each other with the support of technology, the latter can enhance but not replace. How many of us never got that very relevant opportunity because the algorithms didn’t play it fair when we submitted that CV? no matter how many times we fixed it, and revised it, someone else got filtered in and got that opportunity instead of us, because they copied the key words, good for them, but when HR puts “human”, to their capacity, they will definitely find a whole pool of great resources that meet the context and not the key words. What I want to say is, people with time will become more idle, and lose talent because they become super dependent on technology and less dependent on their human intelligence, wisdom, and objective judgement.

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Technology will not replace context, it will not replace human generated creativity, human talent, and objectivity. Technology is a tool but not the means to the end. Humans are very unique creatures that design these tools and empower their usage, but if they ever forget that and become conquered by it, they will start obeying what they mastered, (i.e: the technology becomes their master) and this is when we will have really lost all sense of humanity and the reason of being.

This piece of content was inspired from a chat I had with my Lawyer friend, and is a result of my humble and initial learnings on this new evasive topic and double edged tool that I so adamantly believe is unfair to people in different domains, and will become human’s direct competition, resulting in more loss of jobs and redundancies and effectively unhappier societies.

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I would like to learn more what my readers think of this topic. Do you agree with me or disagree? What have I missed? Do we still have a chance at continuing to master our talent or is this where we start saying goodbye to our passion to write and create?


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  1. I share your fears. I also wonder if the creatives among could interact more with the technologies we fear, perhaps they could redirect the energies.

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    1. I think we should see those as challenges that should not dim our love for writing. Uniqueness, talent, compassion, emotional interaction cannot be created by Robots…

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      1. I like how you think, Nadine!

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      2. Thank you! ☺️

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