Food For Thought

Stress…a word we hear everyday and feel every moment. In the fast paced life where challenges arise, we have to rise to the occasion and carpe diem, otherwise we will be seized by the day.

Just like stress doesn’t like to abandon us, try not to abandon yourself and forget that you are as important as the stress factors disturbing you. And fight, fight back with focus, integrity, commitment and give power to yourself. Remove self doubt from your vocabulary, and don’t lag behind. Align with what is worth the while, that is your health. For without your health you will not be able to rise to the occasion and enjoy the challenges of life that do subtly bring in the hidden burdens and the stress that we call challenge. Stress is not challenge, stress is ego packaged with fear of losing, challenge on the other hand, is fierlessness packaged with skill and techniques to beat stress. So ask yourself the next time you are challenged by the word stress, and decide will it be a challenge or a defeat?  Will it be hit the gym or enjoy the stress and what comes with it?

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