To brand or not to brand

Times are evolving, people are becoming more creative, technology is for everyone, from a toddler using an iPad to an adult working on multi screens. We have become, multi functional beings.

20 years ago or so, “global villages” was the topic of the day, now it is a lifestyle, it is where we live. Zones are becoming narrower, countries are literally becoming smaller, ideas are converging, thoughts are streamlining, creativity is transcending beyond, entrepreneurs are emerging, brands need to keep up,,,as consumers, are faced with decisions, to buy or not to buy, this brand or that.

That is the debate.

Brand Who?
Brand Who?                     source:

Now depending on the buying power and the affordability of the product, we cannot but put an emphasis on the emerging designers, and talented entrepreneurs, who are making a name for themselves in the world of luxury and consumer goods. Wow, and they are many, everyday a new name, a brand new creation. And surprisingly, quite unique and creative designs, from bags to clothing to jewellery and even makeup, soaps and creams. They truly defined the saying “the world is your oyster” and “the sky is the limit”, well these people defied the norms, and with their visions and fresh outlook are lifting their names up to match and even compete with International brands. What is so amazing too, is that these entrepreneurs are reaching the consumer through inspiring and unconventional communications while using talent of “the girl next door” . Ok, don’t go too far, I meant, through social media, since people trust people more, it is the voice of the people that is making it to the consumer, hearts and minds, and reaching deep in their pockets…smart.

As I move through this topic, my aim is to start mentioning those entrepreneurs who inspired many people with their creations, and their advocates, whether in terms of followers, or engagement in the media scene. I guess as this industry and niche is moving at a very fast pace streamlining to it’s mass yet selective consumers, I can only say, keeping up with the trends, fashion, and media platforms, sales channels, while at the same time satisfying the many consumers’, interests, flavours and tastes, buying behaviour, affordability, and competing with the brands will be quite a challenge, or not?

At views and reviews we welcome your stories and mentions of successful entrepreneurs and emerging talent who wish to spread the word and share their unique gifts and sales channels with the world. Please share on and make a mark…

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